By Emily W. Jun 29, 2022

In light of the Supreme Court decision to allow individual states to set their own abortion laws, we would like to remind everyone that Hosts for Humanity supports individuals traveling for all forms of medical treatment. Whether you are traveling for mental health services, adult cancer treatment, infant Spina bifida treatment, or other health services we will support you by connecting you with volunteer hosts in the Baltimore area.

With Maryland being the southern most safe state for abortion, the state can expect an increase in medical travelers in the future. Hosts for Humanity will support these medical travelers as we have always supported individuals and families traveling for medical services.

EDIT: In order to best support travelers seeking abortions, we are referring individuals traveling to Baltimore for abortions to our partners at the Baltimore Abortion Fund (BAF). BAF is a mutual aid, grassroot, nonprofit that provides funding for abortions as well as practical support such as transportation, accommodations, and translation services. If you are seeking financial or practical support for an abortion in Baltimore, please contact the BAF’s confidential helpline at 443-853-8445.